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The risks to occupants of passenger cars in truck and 18-wheeler accidents are very high. Nearly 78% of the people killed and 84% of the people seriously injured in a 2-vehicle crash involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck are the occupants of the passenger vehicle. truck accident lawyers
When these accidents occur, and you are the one suffering because of a trucking accident, who can you turn to help you get the justice you deserve, and the compensation you need for your harms and losses? A truck accident can leave you coping with a totaled car, hospital bills, and a lifetime of pain and disfigurement that no medical treatment or physical therapy can cure. More here
When this happens to you, and a truck or big rig was responsible, you need to know you have rights. If you or someone you know has been injured in an 18-wheeler trucking accident an experienced truck accident attorney at our Law Firm may be able to help you. Trucking accidents can involve a number of complicated issues such as interstate ownership rights and responsibilities, our attorneys will work to assemble the documents and paperwork necessary to move your case forward.


A plaintiff’s citizenship or immigration status is not an issue in cases involving collisions with dangerous trucks, or crashes due to negligent installation or maintenance of truck tires and truck parts. We have represented Mexican citizens, Mexican nationals living in the US, and undocumented immigrants who have been harmed by unsafe trucks and negligent drivers. If the harm was a consequence of driver negligence or of unsafe or defective design, manufacture, or installation of truck parts by a US manufacturer, dealer, or repair facility our attorneys can pursue redress in US courts. See This website
Our truck accident attorneys take the time to understand every aspect of your case in order to determine if we should move forward. Your case is as important to us as it is for you, which is why we don’t limit ourselves to a mere 30-minute consultation and hustle you out the door after 29 minutes and tell you to wait for our call.truck crash lawyers

When you fill out the free initial contact form, your information goes directly to an attorney that understands trucking accidents, and can readily assess your status and make the next move toward the justice you deserve.

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