Truck Accident Lawyer – Self Representation

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What Are the Risks of Representing Myself After a Tractor Trailer Accident? Here are a couple of facts.

A non-attorney doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to effectively negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies or successfully argue so complicated a case in court. You have even less of a chance if you represent yourself. Commercial truck accident-related injury cases are extremely complex due to the likelihood of multiple defendants and their liability. Inexperienced attorneys have only a slightly better chance than you to recover any reasonable compensation on your own. So why would you even consider hiring anything short of a successful personal injury lawyer with the expertise and investigative power to represent your claim against those who caused a big rig, large delivery vehicle, or any other commercial truck accident that injures or disables you, or causes the death of a loved one: much less represent yourself?More info on this website

“Having a fool for a client” when the lawyer and injured parties are one and the same is doubly dangerous in any commercial vehicle accident injury case against a trucking company. These transport companies, insurance providers, and attorneys have deep pockets and years of experience winning these kinds of cases. They can wait you out because the laws and procedures are so complex that the deck is stacked against you. If you hire an unproven lawyer or represent yourself, you are little more than a lamb being led to the slaughter. Not long ago, an injured victim visited us on a consult. He ultimately decided that one-third of any settlement or successful jury award was too much to share with “a lawyer.” He was not very kind, storming out after deciding to represent himself. A few months later, we heard from him again as he tried to get us to take his case after an insurance company and their lawyers took him to the cleaners. The value of his settlement wasn’t even worth ten cents on the dollar of what he could have gotten. So he got to keep all of the money. It’s just that the money he got wasn’t even close to what he could have won. Because he signed a release in exchange for that paltry little check, he had his one bite at the compensation apple. It turned out to be a tiny one. Basic legal knowledge in such matters comprises little more than a third of all the necessary elements to win personal injury cases against trucking companies. Successful negotiation and, if necessary, litigation requires thorough knowledge of civil procedure and the ability to develop the right strategy to battle the trucking and insurance companies and their lawyers. Having your opponent’s respect is also a critical element. They won’t respect you. This is why a highly regarded tractor-trailer accident attorney who has spent years taking on and beating insurance companies and their attorneys is the most potent weapon in your fight for compensation.

Suppose you have a relative or friend who is a lawyer, even though he or she might be looking out for your best interests and is inspired to fight hard for you in a claim against an 18-wheeler transport company. In that case, that person might often have difficulty emotionally disassociating him or herself from your case. Personal injury law can be very intense and acrimonious. A specialized truck accident attorney must be pragmatic, focus solely on the facts of a case, and be calm under fire to succeed on your behalf. What happens if that friend or relative attorney doesn’t win the case or accepts a less-than-fair settlement because he knows how badly you need the money now and leaves even more on the table because of it? How will you feel about your friend or a relative then? Maybe your family members and friends need to offer support during your time of trial and stay out of your legal business. Consider it a word to the wise.